reading, writing and learning together @ Prince Edward Primary School, Sheffield

Able Writers Day

Today we have had a wonderful day!  Six children from Y3 and Y4 were chosen to attend a special day with the author, Miles Salter.  Children from Acres Hill, Arbourthorne, Gleadless and Phillimore came along for a fun filled day of story writing.  Miles taught the children some great tricks to be storytellers and they all thoroughly enjoyed creating their own piece of writing.  Of course, there were dragons, knights and swords!

Star Writers

Y5 have been working extremely hard to produce some fantastic writing this week.  They have thought carefully about the content of their stories and edited and improved their final pieces.  We have all enjoyed listening to them!  What amazing authors!

Click on the images below to read their super work.

World Book Day 2016

At last the wait is over and World Book Day is here!!

Staff and children have thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful celebrations.  Everyone came as their favourite book character.  There were some amazing creations.  We had a visiting storyteller, Andy Messser, who told stories to every class.  The governors came to join in the fun too!

Displaying IMG_0536.JPGIMG_0535

The school council cut the ribbon to officially open the brand new school library.  Mrs Parker helped every single child in school borrow a beautiful library book to enjoy with their family.



Each class decorated their door with their favourite book cover and we had some amazing creations!!




What a wonderful day to share and enjoy stories!!



Book @ Bedtime WINNERS!

Well done to the children that participated in the Book at Bedtime competition.

And the winners were………………..





Children and parents enjoyed spending time and sharing a book.  There were loads of positive comments from parents.

‘We’ve really enjoyed having a book together.’

‘It’s made bedtime much calmer and they now go straight off to sleep.’

‘I’ve noticed my child enjoying reading more and they’ve been learning lots of new words.’

All the children and staff came in their pyjamas, brought their favourite teddy and their favourite book from home.  What a great day!

Harry Potter Studios here we come!

A fabulous day out! 

On Friday 22nd January our Y5 children are going to visit the Harry Potter Studios.  The children have been immersed in the world of Harry Potter since their return after Christmas.  This trip will really enhance their understanding of the book and develop their language, imagination, knowledge and skills to become great authors just like J. K. Rowling!

Take a peek at some of the wonderful experiences they are going to have.



Book @ Bedtime



Image result for bedtime story

On January 18th the children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One will be starting a competition  for three weeks.  Each child will be given a special competition sheet to fill in.  Parents and carers are encouraged to read a bedtime story five times a week to be entered into a prize draw.  We will have some grand prize winners and a pyjama party to celebrate!!  We can’t wait!!

Book at Bedtime Competition

  1. Keep the sheet for 3 weeks but bring it in on Friday so your teacher can see it
  2. Read or tell a bedtime story to your child 5 times each week
  3. Write the name of the story in the box
  4. Bring the sheet back into school EVERY FRIDAY to be put into the prize draw (if you’ve read 5 stories that week)
  5. Bring the sheet back in after 3 weeks and if you’ve had 15 stories, you might win the grand prize!

Why do I need to read to my child?

  • Listening to stories helps children to learn lots of new words
  • Listening to stories makes children better at remembering things
  • Listening to stories makes children better at writing
  • Listening to stories is good for your brain and can make you better at learning
  • Children like to spend time with their parents/carers doing something fun

How do I make story time fun?

  • Find a quiet place to have the story- turn off the TV
  • Give different voices to the characters in the story- children love this!
  • Change the name of the main character to your child’s name e.g. Megan instead of Cinderella!
  • Make up a ‘Once upon a time story’ with people from your family or a new story for a character you already know!

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Our New Library

We are very excited that our new library space has been updated with beautiful new shelving.   Reading and books are an important part of our day at Prince Edward from our nursery children to Y6.  Books are en enjoyable part of every day.

There’s a reference section for finding out information from dinosaurs to kings and queens.

There’s a section for picture books which includes all our favourites from The Gruffalo to Each, Peach, Pear, Plum.

Image result for the gruffalo

There’s a young readers section for children who are ready for longer books such as our favourite, Horrid Henry!

Then we have a great selection for our older readers who love to get stuck in to a longer book like Roald Dahl or Harry Potter.

Image result for harry potter

The library was specially designed with cosy corners and comfy cushions and is full of beautiful artifacts to support learning.

We are planning a grand opening ceremony so watch this space for the details.

Image result for grand opening